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Join Ed On Disney Magic – SOLD OUT!

$192 Down And just $78.38 a month?!? It is THE best deal you'll find on a Disney Cruise in 2015!

Join Ed and the ELO crew as we sail on one of the finest ships afloat, the Disney Magic!

This cruise features: Departure from Miami - Oct 14!
  • Castaway Cay - Oct 15
  • Nassau, The Bahamas - Oct 16
  • Key West - Oct 17
How can we do this cruise at this price? We've searched for the best priced, best feature cruise and this is it. We then take advantage of our 'travel layaway' features which include a low down payment, and (should you choose) low monthly payments! Your payment in full includes:
  • Your cabin for four nights
  • All taxes and port fees
  • All meals in the standard dining rotation, including 24 hour room service. (Guests choosing to eat at Palo will incur an additional fee)
These prices are based on availability, so you need to book sooner rather than later! Watch the videos, especially the one by Ed giving you a 'personal' invitation to join us on the Magic! Then learn all about the ship, the destinations and more! (We'll be adding more videos soon!) Your questions should be answered in the FAQ section below. We'll be updating that with more information as it becomes available. You'll also find a link to the Facebook page as well!

Cruise price does not include gratuities of $48 per person, transfers, shore excursions in Nassau or Key West, or transportation to Miami.
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Other videos are posted on the Facebook page periodically.

Disney Magic Facts!!

  • Holds 2,700 passengers
  • 11 expansive decks (although you'll hear 13 mentioned as the loading spot for the AquaDunk)
  • Ship is 984 feet long, 106 feet wide and is 84,000 gross tons
  • Carries 950 cast and crew members

Disney Magic Primary Restaurants

  • Animator's Palate - A main dining restaurant located on Deck 4, Aft. Celebrating the art of animation, Animator's Palate includes 2 innovative dinner "shows" starring your favorite Disney and Disney-Pixar characters.
  • Carioca's - A Main Dining restaurant located on Deck 3, Aft. named after Donald Duck's amigo in Disney's The Three Caballeros, Carioca's serves classic American fare for breakfast and lunch, and South American specialties for dinner.
  • Lumiere's - Located on Deck 3, Midship on the Disney Magic that serves contemporary American cuisine for breakfast and lunch in a casual setting, and French-inspired fare amid a more refined atmosphere for dinner. The restaurant is elegantly themed after the hit Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.
  • Palo - An Adult Exclusive restaurant located on Deck 10, Aft that serves Italian cuisine for dinner. Additionally, brunch is offered on select cruises. This restaurant requires a surcharge and is not part of your normal dining rotation.

Other Disney Magic Dining:

  • Cabanas, an indoor/outdoor casual dining restaurant on deck 9
  • Eye Scream and Frozone Treats near Goofy's Pool on Deck 9
  • Daisy's De-Lites, an outdoor quick service dining location on Deck 9
  • Pete's Boiler Bites, a quick service dining location on Deck 9
  • Pinocchio's Pizzeria, on Deck 9
  • Preludes, a snack bar located just outside the Walt Disney Theater
  • Room Service, which is available 24 hours a day

Complete Magic dining guide

Disney Magic Clubs & Lounges:

  • Cove Cafe - an adults only coffee bar located on Deck 9.
  • Fathoms - a nightclub located on Deck 3, Forward in the After Hours section.
  • Keys - a piano bar on Deck 3
  • O'Gills Pub - a sports bar and lounge located on Deck 3
  • Promenade Lounge - an elegant Art Deco venue located on Deck 3, Aft
  • Signals - an adults only bar located on Deck 9 Midship

Magic 'Clubs & Lounges' information

Pools & Water Features

  • Aqualab is a wondrous water themed children's splash zone located on Deck 9.
  • AquaDunk is an exciting 3-story body slide located at the Forward Funnel on Deck 13.
  • Goofy's Pool is a family pool located on Deck 9, Midship
  • Nephews' Splash Zone is a fanciful water play area located on Deck 9 for kids 3 and under
  • Quiet Cove Pool is an adults only 4 foot deep main pool on Deck 9

Magic 'Pools & Water Areas' information

The following prices are for reference only! Price changes based on availability, so BOOK EARLY!



  • Q: Hosted by whom?  A: Me, ELO, Eddie, Edward, Ed.. of ELO Travel! People know me by different names!
  • Q: Isn't Disney for kids?  A: Absolutely not.  Although it has been judged the #1 family cruise line, great lengths have been taken to provide adults great forms of attractions, entertainment and add ons.
  • Q: Will there be a gazillion kids on board?  A: No.  It is off season.  Kids will be in school.  (Unless you pull yours out and bring them!!)
  • Q: Seriously, I thought it was for kids.  A: Enough! There may be kids on board, but the ships are designed where you can 'escape' should you like, to adult areas, including pools, clubs, eating areas, etc.  Trust me, Disney has some nice food, some nice bars and some nice adult areas.  Kids will NOT be an issue if you don't want them to be.
  • Q: Where does Disney rank in cruise ratings?  A: Very high.  #1 with families and in the upper echelon of all cruise lines.  It has 'Disney' in the name, so it's held to a somewhat higher standard.  The primary difference between Disney and other cruise lines is that they do not have a casino on board.
  • Q: How does the installment plan work?  A: It is a program called 'Disney Travel Account'.  Much like the old time Christmas Club, you establish the account with Disney, and then you can put money into it weekly, monthly or bi-weekly.  When time comes to pay off the cruise, the money is transferred to the already booked cruise.
  • Q: What do I pay to book?  A: The down payment.  That's all.  Rest isn't due until the end of July next year whether you choose the installment plan or not.
  • Q: How many people can we put in a cabin?  A: Up to 4.
  • Q: The price is for two?  A: Yes. So if you and a friend are going, it would be less than $40 each monthly once your down payment is in.  Beat that price. C'mon.  Try!
  • Q: Where are we going?  A: Cruise departs from Miami and will visit Castaway Cay (Disney's private island), Nassau and Key West.
  • Q: Can I arrive in Miami on Wednesday morning?  A: You can, but I don't recommend it. A Tuesday night Miami hotel package will be available as an option.  Although it is very unlikely, you don't want to spend that Wednesday morning worried about getting there on time in case there are air difficulties.
  • Q: Are airport transfers included?  A: Transfers will be available but are not included.
  • Q: What do the rates quoted include?  A: Rates include per person cruise fee, plus taxes and other fees.  Included in the cruise fee are all meals (minus specialty restaurants).  Alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees and shore excursions NOT included.  Also NOT included are gratuities at $48 per person.
  • Q: Do the rates vary by ages?  A: No. Cruise rates are determined by the first two people in the cabin who pay full rates (regardless of their ages), then by any additional person who pay a reduced rate for 3rd & 4th passenger (regardless of their ages).
  • Q: Can I upgrade the cabin?  A: Yep.  See the chart for oceanview & verandah rates.
  • Q: What about seasickness? I've heard stories.  A: These ships are so stabilized that you'll hardly even know you're sailing.  On the last ten cruises or so I've done, you could count the number of people I've seen who are seasick on one hand.  Literally.
  • Q: Can I go to Walt Disney World before the cruise?  A:  Sure, a pre-trip to Disney World will be offered as an option.  This is a great time to visit Disney World, as the 'Food & Wine Festival' will be going on at EPCOT.
  • Q: Is this a traditional "group cruise" and you have a block of cabins?  A: No. Disney does not do 'group cruises' in the traditional sense of other cruise lines.  There are no blocks of cabins at locked in rates.  All rates quoted are available at the time of publication.  Reservations should be made ASAP in order to lock in your rates.
  • Q: That's next year! Maybe I won't want to be part of a group.  A: You don't have to be. Once on board do whatever you want, with whomever you choose.  If you don't like us anymore, we can even get you seated with someone else!
  • Q: When can I make reservations at Palo or shore excursions?  A: Reservations are taken by priority with highest given to those who have cruised on Disney before. Platinum members (10 time cruisers) can make reservations 120 days before the cruise (June 16, 2015); Gold members (5 time cruisers) 105 days before (July 1, 2015); Silver members (1 time cruiser) 90 days before (July 16, 2015) and all others 75 days before (July 31, 2015). Shore excursions NOT booked through DCL can be made anytime.
  • Q: Why THIS date and sailing?  A: This cruise was chosen as THE best value Disney Cruise of the year.
  • Q: Talk about the payment plan.  A: The available payment plan is based on the offered rate minus the down payment with 12 payments afterward.  To meet the 12 payment time table, cruise should be booked by August 1, 2014, with payments starting during the month of August.  If booked later, the number of payments and the amount per will be adjusted.
  • Q: (or statement) Shut up and take my money!!!  A: (or reply) Bookings are now being taken at 407-900-6936

Please join the Facebook page!  It's open to the public for information.  Eventually it will close to all but those sailing.  That way, people can get to know each other long before the cruise.  One thing I've learned is that ALL cruises are fun, but cruises with people you KNOW are way MORE fun!  Come on and join the FB group today!

For more info, email me at ed@elotravel.com, or call me at 407-900-6936. You can also ask questions in the Facebook forum.

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